What do you say to a room, or social media system, full of complete strangers? Do you sway with the common interests? Do you slide in a little humour (let’s be honest, smart, quick wit is the best!)? Do you provide obnoxious and obvious details that will be sure to both inform and bore?

Me? Still very much undecided! I’m a 21 year old, vertically challenged, fashion critiquing girl. I grew up in a country town used as the posh Sydney siders weekend getaway town of choice. My favourite colour is orange, I want to visit the Pyramids one day, I love exercise and I’m the oldest of four kids (cue the bossy antics). Since leaving my 13 year sentence at my local rural school, I have travelled all over England, studied at a business college and been manager of a retail store (just refer to me as your very own Just Jean denim expert!).

I’m super keen to see what this course will hold, nervous to see how the work load will kick me in the butt, but prepared to say BRING IT ON!!

Alyss x


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