Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?

Uni is all so very new. So very new indeed!!

“There’s lectures and readings a-plenty. There’s new faces and class rooms galore. But who cares, it’s all new, I’ll explore!!!!!!”

Now go back and re-read that last segment to the tune of Little Mermaid. Because you know, that’s where my mind is headed while preparing for my first lot of tutorials!

Not only do I have to think about this blog (careful and consistent maintenance is a must!), but tweeting of my thoughts and opinions must occur (Oh, and they should be insightful and on topic) AND reading of the actually awesome books for English (because I’m a nerd and chose the subject for fun!).

Did I say “Bring on Uni” before? Hmm, guess I should stick with that …


Sweet niblets of joy, I’m out!

Alyss x


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