You don’t mind if I Copy, right?

funny copyright

The role of copyright is to protect original owners of ideas and products from unauthorised duplication and sharing by others. Copyright does not mean the holder necessarily owns the ‘product’ instead, the owner holds the rights to any future copying of the idea/product. From its birth into the public world in the 1440’s when the printing press was created to the 1998 Digital Millenium Copyright Act, Copyright has and will always adapt to changing technological environments, changing the flow of content and easing the process of copying.

Pebble’s users enter into the company’s terms of use which are in place to ensure no unauthorised copying, duplication or imitation, occurs to any aspect or ideas of the products design and content. Pebble have chosen created their product under standard copyright regulations (i.e. not under any creative commons license) meaning that consumers are entitled to use the product under specified rulings.

As part of Pebble’s design users are encouraged to create code and be involved in app developments with Pebble releasing a software developer kit back in 2013 that enabled users to expand the Smartwatch’s potential. Around this time user ‘Slayer155101’ was issued an official copyright infringement notice from Tokyo Watches in regards to a watch face design he developed and placed online that closely resembled the Tokyoflash watch design. This sparked conversation on the getpebble forum with the question, “is a link to a third party site (and discussion about the item) a violation of copyright?”. Forum users certainly did not agree, with one saying:

“Really disappointed in Tokyo Watches … it’s not like the watch face is selling code … Note to self: Never buy Tokyo Watches.”

In the end, Pebble did officially removed the copyrighted faces from the app store and even from areas where their code was shared on a public forum.

copright imag


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