Forecast: Pebble for the win.


Pebble’s developers “The Dream Team” have a common thread that links them to their consumers: to produce a smart watch that offers ease, adaptability and accessibility for a range of different users. This is the ideology that drives the product to the front of the smart watch field.

Users can expect a combination of both closed and open capabilities in their product, with the basic functionality and look of the watch starting as a closed media. The Pebble comes pre-programmed with a variety of apps available and a platform to support major growth in the future, however the overall design of the product is visually unable to compete the operating format of competitors Sony Smart Watch and Galaxy Gear. Nevertheless the release of Pebble Steel (Jan 2014), ensures that Pebble remains aesthetically pleasing to changing market trends and shows that the brand is able to adapt to global trends and functionality needs.

In terms of open media system the open SDK introduced with the original Pebble allows prosumers to be a part of the development and sharing process, interacting directly with other users and Pebble sites. Also, Pebble’s Bluetooth enables users to link their product to either iPhone or Android operating systems, not being locked into just one unlike competitors. This versatility has adapted to the changing trends of the consumer market, whereby audiences are no longer brand loyal, they are more likely to go with a product or technology that directly addresses their needs.

This will be Pebble’s strength in the future. Though they are not backed by a large company, they are supported by the users (as seen on the Kickstarter pledge results). As long as Pebble remains to function at the core need of a smart watch and continue to adapt the changing smart world, they will go from strength to strength!

Word to the wise:

“Convergence is more than a corporate branding opportunity; it represents
a reconfiguration of media power and a reshaping of media aesthetics and

Henry Jenkins ‘The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence’



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