I’m speaking to you? You’re speaking to me!


Ladies and Gentlemen! Roll up, Roll up!

We, as an audience have far more power than we did just a few short years ago. We are no longer players in a technological world run by money hungry companies, we are the designers, the rule makers (and breakers) and the time setters. Companies are changing their products features, the technologies capabilities, the accessibility all so that it appeals the growing needs of its consumer; the all powerful PROSUMER!


This attitude and in fact, developers reaction to this attitude, is how the Pebble came into being! Due to the the overwhelming response on Kickstarter back in May 2012, the project raised $10 million (100 times its target) and now Pebble has become the front runner for the Smartwatch craze (Trusted Reviews). Developers are now more interested in being actively involved with their buyers as they understand the central role they play in their technologies success and how their audience shapes their brand.

It is understood that consumers no longer use technology as a one way process, it is interactive, conversational and especially self documentative through sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is aspect of documentation is explored in the article written by Janey Gordon, where during 3 globally known critical events the use of mobile phones and in particular SMS’s allowed researches to pinpoint the exact measure of the disasters.

Something to consider especially within this changing environment, is that the audience is not always the user. This is true in the case of Youtube channel ‘the Verge‘ who showcase a review of the Pebble and with over 50,000 views, they are both the audience and a platform for audiences. This form of communication between the layers of Pebble’s audience becomes a diaolgic media offering multiple avenues for discussion and experience.

Though the Pebble only offers a monologic method of information access, future developments through the Pebble App Store, creates potential for greater social interaction and broadened communication.


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