“The Murdoch Era is all but over.”

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Rupert Murdoch, “Australian born, American made”. His media empire has stretched over many continents, “his liberal conservatism has changed the way we think” and with over 50 years in the industry, the Murdoch name is not going to disappear from the headlines anytime soon. Or will it?


According to the Guardian, the time of newspapers and sensationalist journalism could be at an end:

“… look at the media we have … and something very big has happened … it is in the heartland of Britain’s oldest medium – the press – that this epoch-shifting change has occurred. The Murdoch era is all but over.”

When looking at Murdoch’s professional biography, it is clear to see how far his name, and with it his power, has reached. However, there is a flaw in this system as stated by Congressman Bernie Sanders, “what we see, what we hear, and what we read is being controlled by fewer and fewer, large multinational corporations.” So why is this a negative thing and what kind of effect will this have on the public? “Monopolistic power allows for owners to control the masses,”. In the case of Rupert Murdoch and in particular the phone hacking scandals of 2011, it can be seen that oligopolistic media ownership hinders the awareness and knowledge the public have access to.


According to Robert McChesney founder of FreePress.net this concentration of media ownership will lead to lowered diversity of viewpoints and programs on offer, greater strength in biased journalism that do not challenge authoritative institutions and far less coverage on common local issues. However with the rise of social media, ie. Facebook and Twitter, users and audiences that are affected by the changing media trends are in fact able to become their own sources of news, unhindered by the reign of the kings and queens of the media world.



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2 thoughts on ““The Murdoch Era is all but over.”

  1. Really well written and referenced post. Especially your final point on biased in journalism and authority. We seem to share a very similar viewpoint in how important it is to not let small groups of people take over!

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