Bundle up those Brains


The old has gone and the new has come. Who we were and how we interacted with our online world will never be the same again. We are no longer simply the audience, instead, we are complex social formations changing and adapting rapidly across our digital environments. This movement creates a participatory media culture, a form of collective intelligence where many minds join together and shape the world as we know it!

This freedom and growth, is how Pebble came into being. Through using online crowd-funding site Kickstarter, Pebble gained instantaneous popularity, raising their needed funds within hours instead of the expected months. Even now, two years on since the success, they are still the darling of Kickstarter and why? Through this form of produsage, Pebble has encouraged fluid movement (pg 4)  in community involvement, expertise sharing and usage abilities. They encourage their users to be hands on in program development allowing the ‘producing’ stage to incorporate many minds.

This is exceptionally demonstrated on their blog page where readers are made aware of new operating systems and encouraged to participate in development processes. In particular the article about the Pebble’s ability to host games articulates this process clearly (here). This is also a clear example of harvesting the hive whereby individuals who are not directly related to the original sourcing are invited to be a part of development.

Living in this sort of environment challenges old ideologies on who is the producer and who is the consumer. It creates a diaolgic media platform whereby communication flows freely, allowing a multitude of voices to be present in the online community. The foresight for other companies and ideas like Pebble looks bright with this form of environment for them to flourish in.



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