Now you all must listen to my story.

As described by Henry Jenkins, transmedia storytelling is a process whereby fundamental elements of fiction are spread and then enhanced across multiple media channels all adding to the original story. It is because of this that a one way narrative can attract new audiences through enhancing their level of involvement. This growth in experience potential has shaped the digital world, creating fan based cultures whereby individuals who would not previously come together are joined by one image or moment in time. This is a form of world building.

Through this, questions of culture and cultural influence on these stories will occur due to the morphing together of different identities and ideas. The influence of Anime in particular is highlighted due to the growth of its popularity and exposure into a range  of new mediums (i.e. Twilight Anime). This allows the story to appeal to new audiences and take on new meanings. This process differs from simply branding as a transmedia narrative is asking its audience to be involved, creating bonds that no clever campaign could ever accomplish.


Pebble can utilise transmedia storytelling by amplifying its platform capabilities. Through the introduction and popularity of its App Store and prosumer app development, users can continue to experience stories on their smartwatches. The images above are examples of users who have developed watch faces as count downs, watch-face designs of favourite movie characters as well as displaying how games can be supported on the Pebble, all of these adding to both the experience of the watch itself, but also incorporating aspects of another story. It is important to note that Pebble, through supporting both Android and iOS becomes so much more than a smartwatch.

“I view Pebble as somewhat of a niche product. But it’s a mass niche product.” says CEO Eric Migicovsky “(Some) may use Pebble because there’s a great app … that classifies which stroke you’re doing … Pebble is not a swim watch, it’s a smartwatch that runs a swim watch app … That’s why the platform is going to take off.



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