It’s that time of the month: Don’t worry it won’t be weird.

Time to introduce myself once again to a new cohort. But why so late you ask? Well it was 5 minutes before the first tutorial that I actually enrolled in the class and, after making the rushed but brilliant decision, I ran to the small and incredibly hard to find room in building 19. It was there that I discovered a great excitement for the semester ahead as I had finally chosen the right subject.

So who am I? My name is Alyss (pronounced Elise; a long and rather touching story that results in no souvenir paraphernalia ever having my name on it!) I’m 21 years old, so technically a mature aged student, based on my age only I assure you! I’m studying a bachelor of Communication and Media studies majoring in Marketing, but having already completed a Diploma in Marketing I’m able to go into second year subjects: Whoohoo!

Technology, prior to the beginning of this year, was a terrifying concept that forced me to take the back seat while my tech savvy Nanna fixed any problems I may have. Cue the BCM course, my saving grace. Not only do I now feel comfortable perusing the online world, but I’m slowing coming to terms with its importance and place in our current social existence. To put it bluntly, I’ve finally caught up to my generation.

So what does my media space look like? Certainly not uncommon to most other students, I’ve got Snapchat open faster than you could say “Hey look at that ill dressed tourist over there!” as well as proudly saying that I can type a full text message whilst holding a fairly decent conversation. With 3 younger siblings all doing the same thing (imagine the living room  TV on, Minecraft being played casually in the corner whilst we Snapchat each other across the room), my home space is a silently crowded one.

I’m keen to see how this semester will shape out whilst being determined to become better acquainted with the phenomena that is social media.


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