What’s the actual story being reported?


With the many hundreds of avenues in which news can be received and reported, there is a confussion, a cloudiness that surrounds the news world. This is due to forms of reporting, means in which news is disseminated and ways in which audiences are indulged and created. There is also the concept and difference between WHAT is news and what MAKES news. These two identities clearly distinguish the motives and alliances of news outlets, allowing audiences to make an informed decision on which perspective is being presented.

News also goes through a form of gatekeeping, whereby it is selected as newsworthy, is then chosen to go into a selected news channel and then is  presented in a particular way for a certain audience. Differing news stories are weighted based on merit of response they will facilitate.

The concept of a packaged truth

Creating an us against the approach, local news going against the standardised contraflows of information, is it blocked?

News is a transient element. An event will not be news forever, instead it will slowly (or abrublty) movie into the history category, in which excitement about the event is drastically lessoned

News story – often becomes just that, a focus on the VoicelessSmRGB[1]story and not a focus on facts. a narrative of an event with characterisation, climax and apparent resolution

News will also make use of images in order to enhance viewers attention and evoc an emotionl response in order to sell further news, or create excitement and involvemenet.

It is important to understand or to question the perspectives placeds on thise involved in a news story, in terms of how are the viewers positioned to precieve them as an individual or cultural group? Quesitoning also how cultures are presented, as an us and them approach, or the weaker people group needing our support, are they given a voice in the story or are they simply reported upon?

There are also the two R’s – relevance and rarity: If the story is occurring in the now and entices attention, or if it relating to a local issue, then it will gain much higher regard than a segment that may focus on other cultural issues outosd eof national borders. The second R stands for rairtity, with a story that is either not often reported upon or heard about taking the foreground of news platofrms. it is important to note that through this reporting can be sensationised and not hold an even stature of what needs to be displayed and what does not

Often news reporting is skewd and does not focus on all parties involved, instead highlighting the elite within an event, this could be political parties or faces, ‘experets’ and support avenues rather than those wjho are directly invoveld. The elites purpose is to create a bridge bweten the story and the viewer, to inform and persuade and potentially prodived expert knowledge.

UOW, Week 9 Lecture Slides, BCM111 – International Media and Communications, Who counts in global media

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