Bachie for lyf. Why the Bachelor made a grown man cry.

An epic and shameless Bachelor Australia fan, I was ecstatic to find out Mamamia did weekly run throughs of the each episode. Juicy goss, hilarious one liners and nick names galore. Each week I looked forward more to the follow up article rather than the actual episodes. One article in particular entitled, Rosie Reviews: Bachelor kisses a girl in front of all the others. Because DRAMA. presented the appropriate amount of cynicism, crass humor and adequate mockery to persuade me to share the article on other social media sites.

Within each article, writer Rosie Waterland focused on show host Osher (#saveosher), Bachie himself, and the girls such as Gushica, Closet Bogan Sam and Audrey-day-night, regular jibes are made at the pure ridiculous of the show and the positions each member is out in. But if, as a collective audience and as a reviewer we can agree that the show promotes backwards ideals on love and relationships and terribly staged events, why is watched, promoted and encouraged?

Huffington Post writer Emma Gray has tried to understand this and why smart women watch AND enjoy the Bachelor. Gray, as many other sane, but seemingly addicted women all ask the same question about the trashy show: Why is it so addictive? To summarise the article, these are her 3 points:

  • Everyone loves a good train wreck
  • It’s a safe outlet for women’s relationship frustrations
  • Bachelor Love is fake and allows women to appreciate their own realities

So basically, like most television, it is used an escape mechanism and no more?

imgresWith this level of guilty indulgence and success, it would be assumed that that the Bachelor format would be picked up in many different countries, and you wouldn’t be wrong. With 17 American seasons, 8 French love connections made in their local version and Chile taking on its very first airing, it appears women and men alike enjoy watching two perfect strangers find televised ‘love’.

But once again bringing it back to Mamamia, the success of these articles apart from their brutal honesty, quick wit and dry Aussie sarcasm, derive from the justification they provide. As a reader, enjoying a laugh at the pure ridiculousness of the last episode, the Mamamia reviews allow you to watch The Bachelor, you know, just for a laugh. I truly think that all viewers alike could respect themselves that little bit more when reading a hilarious review after watching each episode, it would almost justify why The Bachelor was being watched in the first place. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.


Mamamia 2015, Rosie Reviews: Bachelor kisses a girl in front of all the others. Because DRAMA., 17th of April 2015.

Broadcast Now UK 2015, The Bachelor picked up in six countries, Accessed 19th of April 2015.

One thought on “Bachie for lyf. Why the Bachelor made a grown man cry.

  1. I loved the last season of The Bachelor but loved, loved, LOVED Mammia’s weekly reviews! Always thought they were hilarious, and reminded me how ridiculous the show actually was – which serves as a good reminder for all the women out there that ‘reality TV’ is nothing like reality at all! Great post! 🙂

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