Fitness is so right now.

When the starting point for my blog is an avenue as vague as ‘text analysis’ I turned to one of the things I love to explore: Fitness. As an avid gym go-er, who is constantly surrounded by new and trending exercises, ‘body-goals’ and challenges to triumph, I looked to an article in The Sydney Morning Herald life & style section: Top Fitness Trends for 2015.

The article was a response to ACSM’s Fitness and Health survey on 2015’s fitness trends. In both articles it highlighted the favourite gym exercises were one that had been utlised for centuries: body-weight exercises. And with the successes of social media fitness stars Kayla Itsines, Ashy Bines and the general #fitspo trend, it is not hard to see how “at home” success stories have spurred on this ‘new’ gym trend.






Walter Thompson, the vice-president of ACSM says that the success that this trend is due to the new packaging. With the facilitation of social media avenues such as instagram, individuals are now able to become ‘insta-famous’ by doing nothing other than posting a well edited photo of them decked out in cute gym gear. Now before you assume I’m a hater, I’m all for this movement, I’m a full-supporter of health, fitness and being recognised for different exercise related achievements. However, this article, along with the instagram supporters made me question genuine attitudes. And I suppose that’s all I’m asking for through whatever trend takes off, or new fitness model pops into my search screen. I want to know that someone is working their butt off, for themselves, doing it safely, doing research, knowing their limits, and then being able to be encouraged and uplifted through the social media community.

tumblr_m5d4aoMZSB1romj9mo1_500Another aspect that was picked up through the SMH article was the growth in apps that support personal health. Within this umbrella of thought lies the idea of online health trends however, there is still a desire for face to face training, which has spurred on the movement of support networks through hash tags. The Age has also written up on this social media trending attitude towards fitness and media coverage, giving advice on the best ways to approach said trends (find the article here).

But back to the research findings; the list of the top 20 fitness trends were summarised by expert Luke Istomin, founder of F45 (a gym chain) as holding one key attribute for their success: “Addressing nutrition, mental and physical well being – I feel like that’s going to be a strong trend worldwide.” This aspect links back to my key point that fitness, whatever side of the trending spectrum you’re on requires thoughtful consideration. So whether you’re a weight fanatic like I am, you enjoy your HIIT training or find Pilates more up your alley, having a well rounded approach and consideration is key.

Finally, reinvention is key to ensuring popularity. Through making things simple, accessible and constantly adaptable will ensure that audiences are joining in and spreading the word.


Sydney Morning Herald 2015, Sarah Berry, Top Fitness Trends for 2015, Accessed 5th of April 2015.

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4 thoughts on “Fitness is so right now.

  1. This is very well structured blog post, which gives the audience a lot to consider when it comes to health. It gives them a very objective view on the matter, which allows them to reach their own opinion without being influenced by you. The resources which were used were perfect for the post, as there gave a very interesting perspective. your analysis should be used as a template for others, as I found it to be a very well organised and well presented post overall. Well Done, I shall be keeping up with your other posts in the future as I feel you can offer a lot of intelligent perspectives on different matters. =D

    1. Oh Shucks!!! Thanks for the raving review, really appreciate it! Like I said, it’s an industry and subject I’m both interested and involved in, so this piece was fun to write. I’ll make sure I keep my writing as educational and intelligent as possible now that I know you’re reading!! Thanks again!

  2. Really enjoyed this post, being a gym junkie myself it just jumped out at me to read it. I’m glad you didn’t start putting your own views on body image in there, and focussed on the topic at hand it gives it a lot more of a professional tone. However, on the contrary to that, I’d love to see some insight on also the negative backlash some of these successful social media fitness experts get, you know, the people that bleieve they are “unhealthy” and such. Very well written and entertaining article 🙂

    1. Well thanks for the read! I will admit, I am currently completing the Kayla BBG HOWEVER I also do a selcetion of weight training and cardio, I’m a bit of an all rounder and so when writing the article I found it kinda easy to present an un-biased opinion. However, I have read the back-lash articles and find myself agreeing with them. BUT only on the basis that those that enter into the online programs are after quick fixes, they are un-educated and assume they are pros after squatting incorrectly once. So I suppose I also have quite harsh ideals. My overall message is be educated, keep open minded and be clever about the choices made in health!
      Thanks for the read!!

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