So who is Alyss?

I’m a 21 year old Media and Communications student, who chose Wollongong uni for the beach (on a side note, have not made it there yet whilst at uni …). My major is Marketing and having already completed my Advanced Diploma in Marketing, my actual course schedule is all over the place!

I am trying very hard not to be defined by my uni work or qualifications or class times, but it is a bit of a struggle. The goal of studying again, apart from it being something my dad really wanted me to do, is a challenge to myself. After I finish, my dream has always been to work in the fashion industry, I promise I’m not a cliche! I want to be involved with people’s lives, potentially fashion styling, personal shopping, PR or buying. But to be honest, I’ve been store manager of a fashion store and that was brilliant. I just love the whole vibe of the industry.

This blog will be very much an assignment, focused on weekly topics, however, in each I will seek to bring forth my chatty nature and ensure the readings are enjoyable and witty, because learning can be fun!

Have a read, write a comment, give a like.



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