An interview about dat booty.

As an initial research study into the motivations attitudes and aprehensions circulating around body image and social media I sought to gain insight from a friend on the topic.

Do you watch music videos and if so how often in an average month?

I will rarely ever watch Music Videos, unless its on a Facebook feed or if I’ve been tagged in a post. Basically if it is trending in something I’m viewing I’ll put time into watching it, but I don’t actively search for them. I have no interest in the video, I care about the music not the video.

What are some that you have seen recently?

Elastic Heart by Sia: thoughts: artistically sound due to the young dancer, the fact Shia LaBeouf was involved, he did a great job, the emotions portrayed were great. Appreciated the quality of it compared to other music videos that are barely clothed and quite sexually explicit. Different concept made me enjoy the video versus the usual party scene.

What are your thoughts on songs/artists/music videos such as Anaconda/All About that Bass/Booty?

“It’s actually pathetic” was her response upon seeing the first 3 seconds of J-Lo’s Booty music video (seriously watch if you feel like watching an unnecessary amount of sexualised body confidence). She believed that the idea of shaming and degrading girls to a catchy tune, was nothing new and nothing to be supported, “nice concept” she said sarcasically”really frees the mind”.

However, she wouldn’t wouldn’t classify All About That Bass on the same level as the other two songs, as it isn’t as expletive. “The other two songs are just so dirty and sexual”

What do you think they tell or encourage about body image?

They promote/endorse/emphasize the body and body shape defining who you are. This is what is acceptable, if you’re not this then you’re nothing, not desirable. It presents an unrealistic unacceptable identity and ideal. Shaming the female body in general, focus on just booty or boobs, just a sex thing, its as if the body is all they are and that’s all they are there for.

How do you think social media displays positive body image or negative body image?

It’s harder to find the positive body image represented, or at least call it to find readily in the whole social media sphere. She then questioned if there was actually that much positive representation available? It really is just a constant debate.

Fitness ads provide only a one sided image of the perfect body therefore unrealistic or a certain persona is presented, but then again it makes sense, you can’t really win, you sell what customers want, what is actually appealing to the wider audience.

Have you ever seen anything on social media that made you feel uncomfortable or change your identity?

ANACONDA!!!! really sexualised stuff.

Not personally seen particular things to make me want to change my identity mostly because I have realistic expectations and understandings of who I am, like body changes wouldn’t make me more confident. See images of an overweight image does make me quesiton their motivations, they make me feel uncomfortable becuase I value health

Do you think that Body challenges are only for woman or men in the social media sphere?

There is a stigma in society, it’s a lot harder for guys to show progress without being judged, whereas women are allowed and encouraged, by this i mean in the fitness industry, or on social media. Men find it harder to be accepted doing the same attitude/behviour as women like selfies etc.


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